Default Font in Word 2010

With the release of Office 2010 Word came a surprising change the defaulted font in Word changed from Times New Roman 12 point font to Calibri 11 point font. For many people this simple change was the most amazing thing Microsoft could have done but for others the thought of changing organizational style guides to match this new strange font brought on hives.

In recent training sessions, at The Banff Centre, the question of changing this defaulted font came up time and time again. Well don’t worry, changing the default font back to Times New Roman, or whatever font you wish to use, is not that difficult and in this week’s podcast will walk you through the steps.

One thing that I would suggest in changing this default is to create a test document like I do in the podcast so you don’t mess up a document you’re currently working on while playing with this process.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing you next week for another video podcast.


Podcast Number One- Business Contact Manager

Contact Relationship Management (CRM) technology is a hot topic these days so for our first weekly video podcast series features a CRM  product that we use at KIT, Microsoft Business Contact Manger (BCM). This is a free add-on (as long as you have the professional version of Office 2010) for Outlook and is highly configurable, BCM is almost to flexible. For more information on how to download this product go to the Microsoft download site.

This podcast covers:

  • How to create a new account type
  • Customizing a form within BCM

Our podcast series will feature a weekly post exploring whatever software we are currently working on. If you have a question about Microsoft Office, Business Contact Manager, or Windows 7  please let use know and we will do our best to create a video for it.

See you next week

The Banff Centre

Our contract with The Banff Centre is coming to a close and feedback from our training programs is great. The Banff Centre is a fine arts/conference centre in the heart of Banff National Park and for the last six weeks Blair and I have been working with Kelly Breithaupt, Retention and Training Manager, to deliver 2010 Microsoft Office training to over 250 employees. The Banff Centre made the jump from Office 2003 to Office 2010 and decided to give each user a two hour introduction to the applications to make the transition easier. This program touched the standard and new features of Outlook, Word, and Excel or goal was to ensure users could return to their desk and perform 95% of their regular tasks in Office. These simple training session has made the transition to the newest version of Office much easier on the end users.

 To date we have trained over 250 users in small groups to allow for a more personalized learning experience. There are still a few more users that require training and Blair, who lives in Banff (lucky guy), will conduct these last training sessions over the month of February.

Thank you to Kelly, the HR staff, and the IT/S group for all the help and guidance during this training period.