Accessing Projects from Accounts and Reports

We received a comment on our  BCM (Business Contact Manager) YouTube video about using projects and thought it was worth expanding in a blog post. This video is also featured in  a blog post.

The question asked if you can quickly access which contact or account is linked to a project or can you access the project from the contact or account form. Well there are three easy ways to do this (I’m sure there are 20 more ways but these are the three ways we use).

The first way is through the account or contact record. All projects,linked to the account or contact, can be found on the History Page. The History page is accessed by opening the account/ contact form > Account tab> and clicking the History button on the ribbon. This will open the history page and all projects linked to the account/ contact will be listed here.

The second way is to use the reading pane from either the Contact Management or Project Management workspace. To turn on the reading pane select the View tab and then click the Reading Pane button. The reading pane will open beside the list area of the workspace and you may have to turn on the history or account information section of the reading pane by clicking the Select Sections button at the top of the reading pane.

All projects will be listed in the communication history area and the linked account will be hyperlinked from the project workspace.

The last way is through reports. By running the Business Projects by Accounts by clicking the Reports tab> selecting the Business Projects button> business projects by accounts report you will see all your projects which will be grouped by the accounts they are linked to.

 This is a simple report to run and probably the easiest way to see, at a high level, all the projects and who they are linked to. You can open any project in this report by simply double clicking on the project in the report.

Thank you for watching and commenting on our videos

Keystone Team


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