Business Contact Manager 2010 Training

We are super excited to offer classroom and remote training for Business Contact Manger 2010. We began creating classroom and remote training sessions for this highly customizable add-on to Outlook a few months ago and the interest in our training program is growing.

If you’re working with Business Contact Manager 2010 and not able to realize its full potential give us a call or drop us an email as we would like to hear your story and how we can help.

Keystone Team


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Let us know if there is a topic you would like us to cover and we will do our best to help out. We work with most Microsoft products and love to hear from you about what topics you need more information on.

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The Banff Centre

Our contract with The Banff Centre is coming to a close and feedback from our training programs is great. The Banff Centre is a fine arts/conference centre in the heart of Banff National Park and for the last six weeks Blair and I have been working with Kelly Breithaupt, Retention and Training Manager, to deliver 2010 Microsoft Office training to over 250 employees. The Banff Centre made the jump from Office 2003 to Office 2010 and decided to give each user a two hour introduction to the applications to make the transition easier. This program touched the standard and new features of Outlook, Word, and Excel or goal was to ensure users could return to their desk and perform 95% of their regular tasks in Office. These simple training session has made the transition to the newest version of Office much easier on the end users.

 To date we have trained over 250 users in small groups to allow for a more personalized learning experience. There are still a few more users that require training and Blair, who lives in Banff (lucky guy), will conduct these last training sessions over the month of February.

Thank you to Kelly, the HR staff, and the IT/S group for all the help and guidance during this training period.

Altus Client Conference

 James Faw, VP of Product Innovation and Founding Partner at Altus Dynamics, introduced their new help videos (which KIT developed) during a demonstration of “Upcoming features in Altus Employee Portals (AEP)” at the Altus Dynamics Client Event last Thursday. Our training videos were created to assist end users in the use of the Altus Employee Portal. These videos are accessed through a new help menu developed by Altus Dynamics.

Blair and I were there to watch the demonstration and we were both very pleased by the reaction of the conference participants. There were quite a few questions about the videos, when they would be released, and future video content.

We are also pleased to be working with Altus Dynamics as they are pushing ahead with numerous innovative products. One innovation they are working on is a desktop widget for the Windows 7 and Vista operating system. This widget will give users another tool for accessing information found with the AEP and is a great illustration of the use of technology and innovation to enhance end user functionality.

Altus Dynamics client event this week

Blair will be attending the Altus Dynamics client event this week to show off the new training videos we delivered to Altus last Friday.


After over a year of planning, we incorporated Keystone Interactive Training today!