Building Projects in Business Contact Manager 2010

 Customer relationship management (CRM) systems have typically only been able to be used by large scale organizations that have difficulty managing when and what customers have been contacted because of their complexity and cost. CRM’s are often used to leverage sales and leads across numerous departments and locations. In today’s economy many small companies are looking at CRM systems to track marketing and communication campaigns with accounts and contacts in order to leverage every lead and possible sale. One, cost effective, CRM is Business Contact Manager 2010 (BCM) by Microsoft.  BCM is a free add-in for Outlook 2010 professional.

 This week, we created a short podcast which shows how projects work in BCM. This functionality allows you to track the resources, tasks, and time spent on a project. Projects could be client events, conferences, or requests for proposals. The options for using projects are almost limitless. In this podcast we look at how to create a project and then assign/link these projects to accounts while tracking key dates and overall progress. Trevor and I have begun to leverage this functionality for KIT and we have found the ability to monitor tasks, their due dates, and what is outstanding is a great tool not only to meet our deadlines but for building better relationships with our clients.

Thank you and please let us know if you have any comments of feedback. See you next week for another video podcast.

Keystone Interactive Training Team


Podcast Number One- Business Contact Manager

Contact Relationship Management (CRM) technology is a hot topic these days so for our first weekly video podcast series features a CRM  product that we use at KIT, Microsoft Business Contact Manger (BCM). This is a free add-on (as long as you have the professional version of Office 2010) for Outlook and is highly configurable, BCM is almost to flexible. For more information on how to download this product go to the Microsoft download site.

This podcast covers:

  • How to create a new account type
  • Customizing a form within BCM

Our podcast series will feature a weekly post exploring whatever software we are currently working on. If you have a question about Microsoft Office, Business Contact Manager, or Windows 7  please let use know and we will do our best to create a video for it.

See you next week